Design is one of the key drivers of industrial development, the renewed focus on manufacturing and infrastructure in India has brought design to the forefront as a key factor for industrial competitiveness. The past year saw a newfound interest in design from Government and Industry, propagated by initiatives like Make in India, Smart Cities and Skill India. Design is steadily percolating in the conscience of Industry leaders and shaping Indian business models. The India design book by CII aims to exhibit the key areas where design has seen maximum development and has greatest potential.

The design sector has been one of the salient contributors in the growth of our Economy, and the India Design Book 2017 is an all-encompassing compilation of everything that is Indian design and it celebrates the best in Indian design. The sole purpose is to bring under one umbrella all the different elements/aspects of the design industry.

In the light of current changes in global trends, it is crucial that we revisit this area and showcase India’s Design prowess to all the stakeholders in the country and across the globe.


A promotional platform for design-led enterprises.

A business development tool for consultancies and freelancers.

A showcase of 2015 CII Design Excellence Awards and Student excellence Award winning entries.

A reference book for potential users of design to be informed about what “design can do”.

A guidebook for students of design in India and abroad to be enlightened.

The yearbook will be widely circulated through CII channels and will be available in leading bookstores.


INR 12,000, inclusive of taxes

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INR 20,000, inclusive of taxes

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20% Discount on Total Fees for Companies Submitting 1 Entry for Award + 1 Single Page Entry for Book.

Mail your entries directly to:

Shreya Basu
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Entries accepted till 30th of October 2017