Visual Communication

Visual identity: Branding or rebranding projects, logo, trademark, symbol, visual identity implementation across organization

Environments: Corporate, public and private spaces, environmental graphics and signage, museum exhibits, showroom and retail merchandising, trade show exhibits, etc.

Packaging Graphics

Typography: Logotype, print, packaging, signage, digital media, original, derivative or pictorial typeface

Publications: Magazines, catalogues, annual reports, communication tools, brochures, books, periodicals, etc.

Industrial Design

Household Appliances: White goods and electrical household equipment, kitchen devices and aids, household aids, household aids, refrigerators, microwave oven, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc.

Home Products: Home & decorative accessories, kitchen, garden & workshop tools, cutlery & kitchenware, tools for cooking & cleaning, utensils, tableware, baby products, pet products.

Lifestyle: Jewelry, footwear, leather articles, accessories, watches, spectacles, optical products, bags, luggage, backpacks, cases, eyeglasses, helmets, other personal items, etc.

Electronic, Computers and Communications Products: Audio and visual equipment, electronic consumer goods, phones, cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, navigation devices, earpieces and handsets, desktops, laptops, portable devices, display screens, etc.

Productivity Tools: Equipment and fixtures, writing instruments, stationary, office supplies, etc.

Leisure Products: Sports equipment, hobby goods, DIY Goods, toys and games, playground equipment, educational toys, etc.

Entertainment: TVs, media players, cameras, camcorders, musical instruments, gaming equipment, entertainment devices, entertainment accessories, etc.

Packaging Structures

Capital Goods: Industrial machinery & tools, agricultural machinery & tools, construction machines & tools etc.

Tools, Equipment & Gauges: Tools, work gear, gauges and measuring devices, test equipment, machining equipment, visual devices, industrial robots, etc.

Health & Personal Care: Hospital and laboratory devices, rehabilitation, patient care and medical operation appliances, clinical & diagnostic products, industrial & scientific products, surgical & therapeutic Products, home-Care & self-care products, beauty and grooming, body care devices, etc.

Architectural & Interior Products: Furniture, lighting, public spaces, building materials, fittings and fixtures, air conditioners, sanitary ware, retail fixtures, retail equipment, point of sale products and systems, etc.

Interaction Design

Consumer, home and personal

Business and productivity

Games and Multimedia

Website, information graphics, online ads, kiosks, digital magazines, email newsletters

Mobile Apps

Motion design, animations, film titles, typography on screen

Mobility Design




Special purpose vehicle

Automobile Accessories



At the beginning the eligibility of the entries will be determined.

Judging will be done based on the online submission of material post the eligibility.

Evaluation is done to qualify the entries within each of the sub-category.

Each entry is evaluated independently on its own merit.

Evaluation is done on the basis of information submitted through the online submission.

Keeping with the objective of fair evaluation, other than the merit of design solution against the judging criteria specified, no other parameter will be considered.


Innovation – 30 Points

Originality – new to the world or new to the industry, better than the competing solutions

Distinctiveness – qualities of the design solution that differentiates it from other similar design solutions

Use of new materials or technology in the design solution

User Friendliness – 30 Points

Appropriateness of the design solution for the intended user

Satisfying emotional needs and functional demands

Clear functional advantages vis-à-vis competitive solutions

Safe to use

Economical and efficient usage

Aesthetics– 20 Points

Does the design solution adhere to the universal principles of aesthetics such as proportion, contrasts, harmony between materials and form etc.

Visual unity of the design solution

Aesthetic qualities in different situations such as on-off, frontal-side ways, static-dynamic, etc.

Emotional connect with the intended user

Coherence – 10 Points

The design solution must effectively reflect the client organization values, and brand.

The design solution must effectively communicate its function to the end user

The design solution must meet the promised function and performance with its visual language and form.

Sustainability – 10 Points

Sensitivity of the design solution to factors like recycling, life span, energy consumption, economic usage of natural resources, waste creation during the manufacturing, use and disposal.


Judging for level 2 which is the final stage will be done from amongst the entries qualified at level 1

While the jury members will use their own judgment to arrive at the consensus about best design worthy of getting a Design Excellence Award in each of the sub category, they would use the following representative criteria:

Radical, new design solution

Identification of a new problem and providing an effective design solution

A new direction for the future

High level functionality

Pleasing aesthetics

Use of universal design principles or specific consideration for differently-abled people

Pioneering role in development of local industry or industry sector

Creating export potential for the applicant organization

Adding significant value to society

Highly environment friendly design solution