YEAR 9 – 2009 – NEW DELHI

India – The Emerging Powerhouse of Design

Key Areas of Focus

Evolution of Indian Design – The Road Ahead

Business and Design – An Imperative Confluence

Design Quality and Effectiveness

Design for MSME's – Transition from OEM to ODM to OBM

The Business of Sustainability

Design Education – New Paradigms

Indian Design Philosophy

Distinguished Speakers

Anand Sharma

Richard Buchanan

John Heskett

Peter Kersten

Tim Selders

Sandip Mukherjee

Alpana Parida

B V R Mohan Reddy

Anjali Prasad

Naushad Forbes

Christopher Benninger

Chandrashekhar Vyawahare

Ravi Poovaiah

Sandip Paul

Sandy Speicher

Sangita Shroff

Theo J J Groothuizen

Kenta Ono

Philippe Vahé

Herbert Seevinck

Rajeev Sethi

The first India Design Report published by CII was released during this summit at the hands of Honorable Minister – Mr. Anand Sharma. He also launched the CII-Raunaq Singh Innovation Grid.