YEAR 13-2013 - NEW DELHI

Designing the Future

Trends have been a buzzword for quite some time now. Corporates are increasingly using insight techniques and other future focused research methods. Context and insights are the starting point for design process and the right understanding of them ensures the success or failure of design projects, hence meaning success in the market place. Designing for the future makes companies future-proof. Now, in 2013 it's about something bigger than trends, it's about VISION. It's the precise vision and passion behind the trend that will provide companies with the kind of foresight tools they need to spark business growth.

At this summit global influencers will come together and share stories, strategies and solutions – from inspiration to practicality. As the world becomes so interconnected and cultures collide, navigating the trends scene has become even more difficult. Designing for global markets and yet addressing the local sensitivities is a paradox that designers face everyday. On one hand global corporations are looking for space in the Indian markets and working to devise appropriate culture specific strategies. On the other side, Indian companies are going global. This summit will deliberate on how to resolve these conflicts, how to fix priorities and how to be relevant in the diverse locations. The summit will explore how design is helpful in imagining the future and is a perfect catalyst that connects future scenarios with corporate decision-making. This summit will be a holistic platform that would offer an innovative and realistic approach to trends and vision while incorporating content from around the world.


Within the ambit of the main theme, the summit will explore following sub-themes:

How do various industries see the future in their categories

What mega trends will affect the future needs of the consumers and hence how business could design products and services.

What transformational changes are required in the approach of designing products and services by Indian industry & practicing designers

How to be "Best in Class" and First in Class

How can Indian Industry set up benchmarks for designing for emerging markets

Application of design methodologies in conventionally non-design areas in the organization such as finance, purchase, manufacturing and other internal processes, coming from the fact that 'Everything needs to be designed for effective end-to-end delivery to the consumer'

Building partnerships throughout the process of design and development for products and services

Distinguished Speakers

  • Jamshyd N. Godrej

    Chairman, 13'th CII NID Design Summit and Chairman & MD, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd

  • Jessica Bland

    Technology futures analyst at Nesta

  • Kathleen Brandenburg

    Co-founder and Director of Design Strategy at IA Collaborative

  • Kun-Pyo Lee

    Professor at Department of Industrial Design, KAIST, Korea and director of HCIDL(Human Centered Interaction Design Lab)

  • Nelly Ben Hayoun

    The "Willy Wonka of design and science"

  • Raymond Turner

    director of Image Now, Ireland's leading branding consultancy

  • Sooshin Choi

    The Director of School of Design and Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati

  • Jeroen van Erp

  • Geetika Kambli

  • Loe Limpens

  • Pratap Bose

    Head of Design Tata Motors Design

  • Krish Ashok

    passionate open source enthusiast and advocates

  • John Mathers

    CEO, Design Council UK

  • David Townson

    Senior Design Associate, Design Council

  • Naushad Forbes

    Director of Forbes Marshall

  • Satish Gokhale

  • Anijo Mathew

    Assistant Professor at IIT Institute of Design

  • Udayant Malhoutra

    CEO & Managing Director Dynamatic Technologies Limited

  • Pradyumna Vyas

    Principal designer Director, NID

  • Aditya Vijay Kumar Berlia

    Co-Founder and Pro-Chancellor of the Apeejay Stya University and a member of the Management Board of the Svrán Group and the Apeejay Stya Group (a constituent of the Svrán Group)

  • Patrick Whitney

    Trustee of the Global Heritage Fund

  • Frank Boyd

    Director of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network

  • Chandan Chowdhury

    Managing Director- India Dassault Systèmes

  • Mehernosh Pithawalla

    Head – Marketing Godrej Security Solutions Division Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.


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