Welcome to the summit of Ideas!

The summit is a platform to create an enduring partnership between design and organizations leading to innovation and increased economic competitiveness. Just as large and small gears work together in harmony, when designers work with organizations, they ignite innovation.

Design has become pervasive. The activity of design is being practiced by myriads of disciplines including engineering, computer science, information systems, and business. Titles such as software design, engineering design, human-computer interaction design, and systems design is commonly seen now along with product design, industrial design and graphic design. Everyone connected with these titles and other such titles are welcome!

The discipline of design offers a unique way of seeing the world and approaching problems. The summit is a stage to bring the traditional fields of design in partnership with the fields of technology and business towards the development of new products -- real and virtual. It is a manifesto to inform the future of our highly technological age, profoundly in need of humanizing.

The summit will bring about new ideas, new initiatives, and new thinking needed to contribute to the larger picture of design in the knowledge economy. The purpose of the summit is to synergize, find new methods of working together with an attitude of openness, cooperation, and exploration.


The New Narrative

India has changed significantly in the last 17 years and so has Design. Today many businesses understand the importance of design, the number of designers in the country has grown exponentially, Government is seen as using design and many such positive indicators are being seen around us. The nature and form of design has also evolved tremendously over these last years. It is no more a domain limited to creation of tangible outcomes. It has become much more and is now expressing itself in nearly all domains of human endeavours. It is time that we move on and establish a “New Narrative” for Design.

Changing the Narrative points us towards a newer relationship between design and the stakeholders. It seeks to explore move from an almost apologetic positioning of design as no one looks at design to a positioning of strength, to build on the advances of design in India and move away from a dependent based status, to an approach that offers possibility and better outcomes for the stakeholders.

The India Design Summit 2017 will explore wide spectrum of design disciplines and will address contemporary challenges concerning:

Design & Manufacturing

Design & New Product Development

Design & Start-ups

Design & City

Each of these challenges are open to interpretation and conceived in such a way to include a multitude of ideas from different fields.

The summit will also discuss ways and means to communicate the new narrative. This would need Immersion, Intelligence and Integration leading to a Transformation of how design is perceived.


5-6 December 2017


Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC),
Hyderabad, Telangana

Design Summit SPEAKERS

  • Priya-Paul

    Priya Paul

    CII National Committee on Design 2017-18 & Chairperson, The Park Hotels

  • Pradyumna-Vyas

    Pradyumna Vyas

    National Institute of Design

  • Rajshree-Pathy

    Rajshree Pathy

    Chairman & Managing Director,
    Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.

  • Srini-R-Srinivasan

    Srini R Srinivasan

    Chairman & CEO of LUMIUM DESIGN,
    President-Elect 2017-19
    World Design Organization

  • Naushad-Forbes

    Naushad Forbes

    Immediate Past President, CII &
    Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall

  • Jeevak-Badve

    Jeevak Badve

    VP - -
    Product Innovation Studio
    Chair - IDSA, Int Dsg Conf, Atlanta 2017
    Industrial Designers Society of America

  • Yoshiharu-Sugawara

    Yoshiharu Sugawara

    GK Dynamics Incorporated, Japan

  • Biju-Dominic

    Biju Dominic

    CEO & Founder,
    Final Mile Consulting

  • Radha-Kapoor-Khanna

    Radha Kapoor Khanna

    Founder, TTS:IO
    Founder & ED, Indian School of Design & Innovation
    Founder & ED, DO IT Group

  • Revathi-Kant

    Revathi Kant

    Associate Vice President - Design, Innovation & Development,
    Titan Company Ltd

  • Sonia-Manchanda

    Sonia Manchanda

    Founding Partner & Creative Chief,
    Spread Design Innovation Pvt Ltd

  • Gillian-Youngs

    Gillian Youngs

    Head of Innovation & Impact &
    Professor of Creative and Digital Economy
    University of Westminster, UK

  • Sally-Wade

    Sally Wade

    Director, Sheffield Institute of Arts
    Sheffield Hallam University, UK

  • Mark-Watson

    Mark Watson

    Managing Director,
    Design Providence, Australia

  • Shribalkrishna-Patil

    Shribalkrishna Patil

    Innovation Strategist & Business Designer

  • Nishant-Sharma

    Nishant Sharma

    Professor - Mobility & Vehicle Design, IDC-IIT Bombay.

  • Aashish-Solanki

    Aashish Solanki

    Founder & Designer Director,
    Netbramha Studios

  • Aryan-Rajesh-C

    Aryan Rajesh C

    President & Brand Advisor,

  • Shweta-Iyengar

    Shweta Iyengar

    Visual & Color Psychologist,

  • Arvind-Lodaya

    Arvind Lodaya

    Consulting Principal &

  • Takbir-Fatima

    Takbir Fatima


  • Rohit-Naag

    Rohit Naag


  • Upasana-Mukherjee

    Upasana Mukherjee

    Managing Director
    DIY.Lab, ISDI

  • Avinash-Kumar

    Avinash Kumar

    Co-Founder & Partner,
    Quicksand & UnBox

  • Sri-Rama-Murthy

    Sri Rama Murthy

    Electronic Music Composer
    & Sound Designer

  • Vikas-Pandey

    Vikas Pandey

    Digital Producer,
    BBC &
    Co-director, VR film Crossing the Sky





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